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Posted by SoulScorpion - 9 days ago

The game/ thing youre playing is played in the newgrounds flash player cause swf?


Posted by SoulScorpion - April 1st, 2019

Excellent....oh boy im excited.That will be fun....


Posted by SoulScorpion - February 28th, 2019

Sigh....yeah i like the adult section of newgrounds for many years now.

It was a splurting (is that a word?) place of many creative minds that offered the world their interpretation of adult scenes, games, movies, pictures.

Nowadays i see a million Source Filmmaker scenes that are linked to a patreon and are a few seconds long.

Not only that, but people rip little pieces of their works (animated or otherwise,i see a lot of visual novels too, that sometimes even have stolen work in it) that are sold on their patreons.

I, as a consumer ask myself: Does that make your approval rate higher or gets you more money because a few thousand people give you a dollar or more?

I know that creators need to eat, as all we humans have to.

As a member that was able to observe newgrounds for some time now have the feeling i dont have the chance to "vote" fair to you when you give me a few seconds of your ideas and tell me: " well you can buy it, i bet its great for you".

The market is too big for that. You know what, im willing to spend money when i know the greatest scenes, when i see the potential, the idea behind everything and when it hits my spot. Im not willing to pay for a beta or some unfinished thought.

Even Nutaku that has most of the time only pay-to-win-games or overpriced downloadable games show me most of the time what im going to get.

Interesting times indeed.

Posted by SoulScorpion - May 31st, 2018

There are lewd versions of bomberman, space invader and tetris, can someone make a lewd version of...

Turrican allready? X-D


Posted by SoulScorpion - May 10th, 2018

Beeing a adult animated games and movies- consumer over decades it leadt me to be part of a good time having a project with a good friend of mine, D-z.

The time with him was a very entlightening one. Since i´m no programmer, artist or animator (rather the kind that brings his experience in these kind of genre,knowing what can be frustrating and what is delightful for the general consumer, and knows where to make a shoutout to be heard) i made a lot of experiences how it is to work together with someone that is all that what i am not.

An artist that creates mature content in my eyes should have all the personal freedom to realise that what comes to mind. It is a mistake to disturb that kind of creatitivism and let the artist to their thing since its always a interpretation of that kind of person that will realise that project and give it that "personal touch".


Nobody will change that "touch", even when its patreons that expect certain features or ways in the mechanisms or art to come. Even when they are entitled to vote on certain aspects. We can be there to support this beacons of light in that genre but we wont influence them the way that it completly is the way "we" want it.

We saw that with a lot of ongoing projects like TowerGirls, CloudMeadow, Breeders of the Nephelym. The list goes on.

Everyone picks their favorites. It does´nt matter from which country they come from but let´s say the biggest inspiration over years were the japanese, that in comparison kept to themselves since they are able to make enough money when they are famous in their own country.


All kinds of western and eastern trends that thrive today were inspired by that. Look at all the 3d- visual novels (static images and a lot of text) or purely text-based games. Also rpg-maker games all over the place.


To be honest i´m not a big fan of non-animated Novels and walls of text in the 21st Century. When i want a lot of lore and the erotic acts to be a bystander then i read a erotic book.

What i search for are games that entertain but have a lot of accessibility too. Since there are so many different consumers, you always get it right when you got a sandboxy feeling with some goals attached.

Dwelve in to the human mind, to its very instincts. Fantasy is not limited and having a lot of accessibility is the key to reach the consumer and that he /she has atleast one aspect where they say: " well but i liked that part of the game and i can dwelve in it for hours, it hooks me".


Of course we need to have certain aspects in the back of our mind for that:

Creativism takes time and the maker/s of the content do it as their hobby and have to compensate the time they invest to live and have a good time too. Thats where Patreon itchio, pixiv and other platforms come in (you only need to know how to.)

It is possible but is important to realise. Good examples for that are shadbase, Zone and many others.

Long story short im searching for people that are with me on that track and want to make these kind of games or are allready at it.

Newgrounds was always the cradle of creativism of the western world for me. It´s a platform of pure creativism not only in the adult sector but in all sectors. Maybe there´s a few people that want to speak up and want to make shining examples what we westerners can create. To bundle up all of this and make adult games great.

Pm me when i can be any kind of help. I want to see this genre thrive again and have a dialog and not put on the blindfold of "well its adult stuff you know, we rather not show it to the world cause it messes with our reputation"

Beeing honest to our basic desires  in our fantasys is what beeing honest with yourself is.




Posted by SoulScorpion - February 11th, 2018

2013: Rough Year

I gotta fill this in still.

2014: Lean and Mean

The morning of March 7th was the official closing of the NG Store.

2015: Gotta fill this in

Coming eventually!

2016: Gotta fill this in

The lack of updates in this history section looks like nothing happened but actually lots happened, I just haven't taken a moment to document it all.


Advice: Just ask Stamper if he could make a magical fairytale about the last years. Best read ever.

Posted by SoulScorpion - January 20th, 2018

Rising from the Ashes

Posted by SoulScorpion - June 28th, 2015

Hey there folks, Soulscorpion here, bringing you big News once in a while!

I partnered up with D-Z  ( the maker of Hornbrook , the PT-Series ,and other great flashs, Check out his Games and Movies ! ) to create a label called Hornblase (horny bubble)


D-Z is a long time newgrounds member, who has a passion for adult-oriented arts in a uncommon and unique art-style.

Our Goal is to create new and interesting ways to express this art ( in games,games mechanics, movies, pictures) to make something that stimulates the users own fantasy.



We came to the conclusion that our Passion for creating adult - oriented - material is what makes it so special. So we set up our goal to always think of something new, to not be too generic, and listen to fans / users that share the same passion and can enjoy these works.

The project "Hornblase" is for the people who are longing for more, who dont want to see the same stuff over and over again, who are not bound to reality in their fantasy, but to see adult-art bloom in a special way.


We are open for Ideas,suggestions,comments! We will try to respond to every one of them! Just keep it friendly! :-)

If you want to support "Hornblase" Check out our Patreon Page!

There you can see which projects are currently in the making, and what is allready done! There are also a few answers to the questions in your head. Our Patreons also have great opportunities to get special little options/gifts.


See you around!


Your Hornblase- Team

Posted by SoulScorpion - February 26th, 2015

Laughed my ass off just reading the FAQ of http://sleepycabin.com

Posted by SoulScorpion - March 2nd, 2014

so wished that he won,and he actually did.Nice one.

You dont need experience in fancy dance.You just need to be a good funny guy that is known by the internet,and got dedication.

And we know that some of them got quite a bit of dance experience.

Makes that danceon -Youtube - DanceandWinmoney thing attractive to watch. Made my day.