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very unique, detailed and individual animation. Keep up the great work! Love the meaty but slim style.

RossTeddyAnimations responds:

thank you very much, I will try harder in the future

Crazy! Keep up the good work! Looks like a lot of crafting is sitting in this one :-)

ZpectralKrystal responds:

thanks i will |3

Loved the surreal look and the sudden change in it too ( scene: he going past the houses, suddenly chicks in a totally different drawning style)
Voice acting was good in quality.
Also cuthulu as the judge. woo!

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Dynamic, fun game. One thing though: The triangles. When a yellow point spawns at a place where static arrows are spawned you basically lost the round even when you are good at evading everything.

The idea is just wonderful! Just when i thought ivé seen everything :-)

Game Dynamic: Fast paced, easy to control. Lot´s of boulders X-)
Art: Nice to look at. Monstergirls. You win :D

Would love when the conquered girls popup in the menu after finishing a game round or reaching a certain milestone? (for example mushroomgirl xy in menu after xy metres)

Overall a great game allready. Keep up the great work =)

system allright, collecting monstergirls and grinding monsters for money. System stable, havent encountered any bugs yet.

No animation at all, so more like a Visual Novel.

H- Scenes static.

Art catches the eye, nice to watch.

Keep up your efforts.

Kiwi-Melon responds:

Thank you for your feedback! We are looking to implement animation in the future, but we have a lot on our to-do list so far.


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Love it. Exactly what i understand when i hear oldskool hiphop. Muddy. Deep. Rainy. Keep up the great work!

yeah not only your pictures are crazy. first my ears were bleeding,but when your epic voice kicked in, the music was starting to make sense . wonderful! more. please?


The beats are just perfect and the strings are truly dreamfull :-D

Psybot responds:

ty =)

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Good luck with your projects! Looks promising.

Matpneumatos responds:


Finally, Ariel got real! Thats how real mermaids look! And she still invites you with the hand! 100 % im in *laughs*

So much atmosphere in this one :-) And she still looks like a young mum (before zombification)
You can only see through the veins and the kids stretching in her belly that shes not human anymore.
The room behind the zombiegirl looks great too,makes you wonder what is behind that room cause of the lighting.

Newgrounds rooooockz! =) By the way..Think Free..think peaceful...but have fun too!

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