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Big Partnering with D-Z and New Brand: Hornblase!

2015-06-28 07:41:12 by SoulScorpion

Hey there folks, Soulscorpion here, bringing you big News once in a while!

I partnered up with D-Z  ( the maker of Hornbrook , the PT-Series ,and other great flashs, Check out his Games and Movies ! ) to create a label called Hornblase (horny bubble)


D-Z is a long time newgrounds member, who has a passion for adult-oriented arts in a uncommon and unique art-style.

Our Goal is to create new and interesting ways to express this art ( in games,games mechanics, movies, pictures) to make something that stimulates the users own fantasy.



We came to the conclusion that our Passion for creating adult - oriented - material is what makes it so special. So we set up our goal to always think of something new, to not be too generic, and listen to fans / users that share the same passion and can enjoy these works.

The project "Hornblase" is for the people who are longing for more, who dont want to see the same stuff over and over again, who are not bound to reality in their fantasy, but to see adult-art bloom in a special way.


We are open for Ideas,suggestions,comments! We will try to respond to every one of them! Just keep it friendly! :-)

If you want to support "Hornblase" Check out our Patreon Page!

There you can see which projects are currently in the making, and what is allready done! There are also a few answers to the questions in your head. Our Patreons also have great opportunities to get special little options/gifts.


See you around!


Your Hornblase- Team

Laughed my ass off just reading the FAQ of

so wished that he won,and he actually did.Nice one.

You dont need experience in fancy dance.You just need to be a good funny guy that is known by the internet,and got dedication.

And we know that some of them got quite a bit of dance experience.

Makes that danceon -Youtube - DanceandWinmoney thing attractive to watch. Made my day.

Childhood commence!

2013-06-04 17:30:44 by SoulScorpion




2013-03-28 08:25:58 by SoulScorpion

Like sugar in the mornin :-D

Castle Crashers *not* for Pc

2012-12-27 15:34:20 by SoulScorpion

While im normally a person that doesnt rant in the internet,
something starts to taste bitter after a while when it comes to playing pc-games.

Since the beginning i use the pc. Im comfortable with it, and i dont want to go to the details "whos better",mac,linux,bla.

Steam is a very attractive platform to buy your pc-games. Buy,Pay, play in no time.

There is a main problem though.

Game developers...please....stop converting games for other gaming-platforms when they are not meant to be played on that platform.

Example? Easy. I bought castle crashers. The game tells me that the game is great to be played with a controller.
I thought: allright, hey i dont have one.
Playing singleplayer was no problem with the keyboard. Sadly castle crashers is meant to be a game with more players then one.
I tried to set "2 players" for the keyboard. Not working. You have to have a controller.
I thought: allright! im going to buy a controller!
So i bought a win 7 - compatible controller.
Not working. Then i readt in the internet: Youll have to have a xbox 360 controller!
Great! so i downloaded software to emulate a xbox-controller. That worked.

Now for the biggest laugh: Finally everything set up, my friend and i excited to play together - BEEP.

Not working. Why? The game doesnt unterstand that you have a keyboard and a controller. It thinks both are player 1!
So you need two controllers to finally play this game together on the Pc!

Really... big text...short and loaded opinion... Console Developers: keep your games for the consoles! Stop slapping pc-customers in the face while taking their money.

Oh boy.
Im interested about one thing though: Do i see other characters then the knights, alien?
Like...Pico? Madness-Characters? Clocks? Then i would get it :D

So the newgrounds chat is around for a while now.
Its awesome because its atleast something after such a long time of wait and a haterap on the chat from a certain person *cough*goldfish*cough*
And while i understand that this is not a chatpage, where you "hook up" with new friends to meet them over a cup of tea in the streets, or try to get you a woman / man
and the most part here is about the flash,
its about a lot of social interaction.
All the collabs that are coming together from people that never seen each other,
All the crews that started acting as a team (clockwork etc...)

Yeah sure you have the forums. But the chat is a function where you are able to get the lazy forumposters in, the " hey im just here for some moments" people, or the " hey i dont want to argue with you over a million threadposts, where the thread started in the 60´s.
What i see now are a few people (highest count most of the time...10 to 20? ) that talk about how to ban who and who the greatest mod is *yawn*
Seriously. Make the chat a little more attractive. Or does that crash the servers when some more some more chatfunctions and people come in ?
For example:
* Rightklick on the username to view his profile
*ignore list
*private chat
and big front page announcement

Needs MOAR chat. The current one is a mocking to everyone that wanted one.

GISH -75 % Off in Steam - Yay.Thats mine

2012-03-06 05:12:47 by SoulScorpion

Sweet, so i finally got my hands on that game too. So many games nowadays, you really forget what gems are laying around, forgotten, but epic in their form and worthy to play.

The sad thing is that new games that are coming out, and have a big publisher behind them, are sometimes totally crap.
Take Heros of Might and Magic 6 for example. I think i played all parts before,and everything have had its strengths and weaknesses, but that game brakes the lines X-)
Ubisoftlauncher that throws you out of singleplayergames,Skillsystem that has a lot of skilltrees that bring nothing for your hero...ah and yeah,did i mention unexpected crashes of the game? your backs out there folks,get the gems and draw back your gamerhands from games that are not finished,or only made with half-love.

GISH here i come ! :D

Newgrounds Chatroom

2010-08-25 08:38:01 by SoulScorpion

So yeah,finally, a newgrounds chat. And tankman makes the rules clear so that there is no confusion about the rules and social understanding.

Inbuilt Music,sweet thing,always some rocking Newgrounds Tunes in the Background.
No clue about the admin-rights when you open your own room though..or admins in general.

So why are there 5 to 20 users in it,and not more,from the thousands of users visiting newgrounds every day?

Is the chat not...:
attractive enough?
No existing Admins that keep up the peace a little?
Not known to many and therefore not yet discovered?

What could it be?

Leave a comment when you have an opinion to it.

Keep on Rawking Newgrounds.